Malmgren Kommunikation

Simplicity in Communication

Say what you want said, clearly and simply. Perhaps easier said than done.


We are on hand to do just that. Simply. Like so much else, it requires good content, a steady hand and time to communicate. We work with you based on your needs and get a platform that suits you, your employees and your customers.


Communication builds trust and a long-term perspective. As communicators, we help you find the channels and platforms that suit you and your needs. And we want to make it as easy and accessible to everyone. We work with all areas of communication and want to show the best and most unique about you and your company.


You may not need us more than a couple of hours a week or for that specific assignment, but we are here for you. Do you need help with structures and processes to simplify the daily work or help with updating your company's profile? With our experience and creativity, we pick out what is unique and special about your company.


Our own values are simplicity, energy and sustainability - simply.