Malmgren Kommunikation

My background

I have worked with communication issues for twenty years in several companies and in different countries. My roles have included everything from building communication functions from scratch, to leading the daily work within the function. It has included everything from strategies, projects to daily updates through social media. And I love it. In all the different places, various conditions, cultures and circumstances have had an impact on my work. What has been common in all of them is precisely the need for simplicity. We all feel time-pressured, overwhelmed and the need to always do bigger and better. Keeping things simple on the other hand, takes the stress away and is a pleasure. It is easy to grasp and consequently easy to follow. With clear messages, a comprehensive action plan and straight execution, we can reach goals and win. Win time, win customers, gain reliability. So simplicity works. Structure works. Then we can proceed with shaping, trimming and building. The most important thing for me is that your message reaches your target groups.


simplicity - energy - sustainability